Sound Intone P6 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones With Mic

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€49.99 €79.99
If you like listening music on the go or you like gaming, the Sound Intone P6 will be a great purchase for you. It boasts a great, foldable design finished with Piano Bakes Lacquer technology. If you love deep bass and clear sound, the P6 is exactly what you need. Get it today at an affordable price and enjoy listening to music or game comfortably!
If you love deep bass, then you will love Sound Intone P6. This is a revolutionary Bluetooth headphone that supports TF card as well as FM. They are very lightweight and comfortable for all-day music and even gaming. The wireless technology is the icing on the cake as it allows you to move around freely without interruption. The P6 can be a great buy for those looking for affordable and reliable headphones with Mic that delivers exceptional sound. Stylish, Foldable Design The Sound Intone P6 sports a sleek and stylish design. If you like fancy colors, then this headphone is just for you courtesy of the Piano Bakes Lacquer Technology that give it an attractive finish. The P6 is available in 6 color options. Besides this, it is foldable to help you easily tuck it in your bag. Unrivaled Comfort If you are ever listening to music or you play games for long sessions, this headphone will be great for you because of their comfort. The ear pads have been made with silky and soft protein material that greatly relieves the pressure on your eats. The ear muffs have a diameter of 76mm and each of them weighs 10g. The headband is made from stretchable material to reduce pressure on the ears and most importantly, to ensure it fits music enthusiasts and gamers with different head sizes. Great Sound The Sound Intone P6 has been built to deliver a rich music experience on the go. The speakers have a 40mm NdFeB driver that blends with the multiplayer polymer crystal composite film for a broad high pitch and a strong deep bass. It also reduces acoustic distortion to produce high-fidelity sound. Most importantly, Sound Intone engineered the P6 with CVC 6.0 broadband noise reduction technology that still delivers clear sound even with background noise. Limitless Playability This headphone has been built to offer unrivaled convenience. Even though it has been primarily built to be a Bluetooth speaker, it is rich in connectivity. It also has FM radio and supports a TF card. There’s also a 1.5m long 3.5mm audio line to listen to music from other players when it runs out of charge. Besides, it can also serve as a Mic. This headphone is highly versatile and is compatible with most Bluetooth devices, Smartphones, Smart TVs, laptops and so on. 6 Hours Playability This headphone comes with a powerful and rechargeable 300mAh explosion-proof polymer battery. It can last it for 6 good hours and has a 30 hours standby time.
 • Foldable design • Volume control
• Bluetooth 4.0 (12m transmission) • FM Radio
• Supports up to 32GB TF Card
• 40mm NdFeB driver
• 3.5mm audio line
• 300mAh battery – up to 6 hours playtime